Skills an Instagram Account Manager Needs

Instagram has been chosen by many businesses as the number one platform for marketing and advertising.

It has lots of great features like Stories, Live, IGTV, and Reels making it one of the most diverse channels for brand awareness.

The competition in Instagram marketing is so fierce and every business tries to get ahead of the competitors. Many of them even try to buy Instagram accounts that have many followers. This way, they’ll have a much easier task of outreaching and getting followers.

But on the other hand, many businesses try to create their own verified accounts from scratch, and therefore, they need a good social media account manager.

If you want to get a job as an Instagram manager, you have to acquire many skills.

Below, we’ve tried to name some of them to help you in this journey.


As you know, social media is fundamentally a communication tool, so it’s critical for a social media professional to have great communication abilities that can adapt to any platform, channel, character count, or audience.

You need to frequently alternate between connecting with consumers, meeting with our product team to exchange feedback, drafting a brief to start off a creative initiative, and compiling a social listening analysis to share with leadership on any given day. 

So without being skillful in communicating with different people, you can’t be successful in Instagram account management.


While there are numerous talents that can help you get your message through on social media, the written word is always at the heart of communication.

Although Instagram is a multi-media platform, you still need to be good at writing. The finest social media managers are great copywriters and digital conversationalists who not only embody but also improve their brand’s social voice.

You should be able to create short content that provokes emotions from your readers, from attention-grabbing ad copy to clever social banter.


There are many features on Instagram that you can use to grab the attention of your audience.

The thing is you can’t post a single type of content on all these features and expect lots of impressions. Creativity is key to overcoming this issue and outperforming your competitors.

This is one of the most critical challenges an Instagram manager faces. Every social media manager wants to generate content that is intriguing, valuable, and viral, but coming up with unique ideas takes ingenuity.


Although Search Engine Optimization is more about web pages, social media managers can also benefit from it.

You need to be able to optimize your Instagram content in terms of keywords to be able to put it in the eyes of the maximum users possible.

Remember that you have to share your content on other platforms such as YouTube and blog posts. So you have to take care of search engine algorithms to rank for your focus keywords.

Ability to analyze data

One of the most important duties of social media managers is to analyze their campaigns performance.

So you have to be able to analyze quantitative and qualitative data extracted from Instagram insights.

You need to spot the weaknesses and strengths of previous content to optimize your future strategies.

Although you don’t need great mathematical skills, you have to be able to work with curves and analyze trends.


Working with Instagram or any other social media platform is really easy. You don’t need to master software engineering and programming to manage Instagram business accounts.

However, you have to be interested in working with different software tools. As you know, you’ll need to work with many social media tools to get the best out of Instagram marketing.

For example, scheduling tools, analytics tools, image/video editing tools, sentiment analysis tools, automation tools, and many others.

So try to increase your knowledge in this field or you’ll find yourself in trouble.

Being up-to-date

If you’re that sort of person who doesn’t like to update themselves, you’d better quit Instagram marketing.

This is an ever-changing area with new things that occur every day. For example, Facebook, the owner of Instagram, has recently revealed Metaverse. Have you studied anything about it and are you ready to take suitable actions in this regard?

You might think that you’ll change your strategy whenever it becomes famous enough, but this is completely wrong. If you don’t familiarize yourself and your team with new trends and changes, you’ll lose the market.

Final thoughts

Instagram marketing is a fantastic field and as a manager, you’ll experience a lot of fun. But you also have to train yourself and improve your skills to be able to keep your job. Among the mentioned skills, creativity and being up-to-date are really influential. Without them, you can’t compete with other job seekers so don’t stop studying and thinking creatively.