How to Make a Blank Comment on TikTok

Posting a clear remark on a TikTok video has become something of an expertise Blank Comment on TikTok clients are frantic to learn. Numerous TikTokers have presented recordings telling clients on remark clear remarks, while others have made recordings deriding the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea how to do as such.

Once in a while, there are only no words — and we don’t imply that figuratively. In some cases, when you take a gander at TikTok remarks, there are some that are totally clear. No words. It’s simply the Blank Comment on TikTok username, the date, and afterward nothing.

Remarks on TikTok Video Views & Free TikTok Likes assists the calculation with distinguishing well known transfers that are earning a great deal of consideration. This is one reason why remarks are pursued on TikTok. You will discover a many individuals requesting that you remark on their recordings to help them ascend through the positions.

The most effective method to Make a Blank Comment on TikTok is popular inquiry on long term and it can offer your remark style, pulled in different clients and view your profile. it can build your TikTok adherent. So it is significant approach to GET more devotees.

The idea of FOMO (dread of passing up a great opportunity) is promptly justifiable and we see it all over the place. Indeed, it exists on TikTok too, which is the reason the offer component makes a point to tell individuals on your other social stages where the video they’re watching was made.


Ordinarily, leaving a clear remark or sending a dark book is quite simple and just expects you to hit the enter button a couple of times and press send.

In any case, Blank Comment on TikTok will not permit clients to post a remark except if there is genuine content in it, in the event that you attempt to post a clear remark you will be met with a message requesting that you ‘enter a remark’. A few clients have discovered a path around this and have found an approach to leave a remark with no content which has prompted an ever increasing number of individuals attempting to sort it out.


  • Open up the remark segment of a video and snap ‘add remark’
  • Snap on the receiver symbol (you may have to click ’empower word usage’ if that message comes up)
  • Allow the receiver to run for a couple of moments
  • Snap back onto the console image and it will stop the chronicle
  • You would now be able to post the remark which will show up totally clear!

Here’s how to make a blank comment on TikTok.

Blank Comment on TikTok

Along these lines, the main thing you will need to do is to go to the remark segment of the video where you need to leave a clear remark (you likely might have speculated that). Effectively explore to the remark part of any TikTok video by either tapping the remark symbol (the discourse bubble containing three specks) or tapping where it says “Add remark… ” at the lower part of your telephone screen. When you’re there, it’s an ideal opportunity to leave your clear remark.

You may imagine that you can basically press “Blank Comment on TikTok” or the Space bar a couple of times and afterward post your vacant remark. Not really, companion! Out of the blue, TikTok will not allow you to post a remark that doesn’t contain real content.

Except if! You utilize a shrewd workaround. Instead of composing any letters in the remark box, essentially tap the receiver symbol situated in the base right-hand corner of your telephone screen (straightforwardly under the “send” button on your console). All things considered, you’ll need to tap it multiple times in succession. At that point hit “send.” Ta-da! You’ve quite recently posted your absolute first clear remark! Very simple, isn’t that so?

What is a ghost comment?

Phantom remarks are fundamentally clear remarks that you leave on a post. They help acquire adherents and make the TikTok calculation feel that the post is filling in prevalence because of the expanding number of remarks. In the event that you attempt to remark on nothing on Free TikTok Shares, Likes, Followers the authority way, Blank Comment on TikTok will compel you to compose something. It will not permit you to post a clear remark straightforwardly. Yet, there is a clever workaround that can assist you with conquering this obstacle. How about we investigate it.

How to leave ghost comments on TikTok

You need to have phrasing empowered on your cell phone for this workaround to work appropriately.

On iPhone and iPad

Open TikTok on your gadget and explore to the post where you wish to leave a phantom remark. Tap on the ‘Remarks’ symbol to open up the composing field for input.

Presently tap the amplifier symbol on your iOS gadget to enter the voice composing mode and don’t utter a word.

Tap on the ‘Stop’ button after 1s of recording. Ensure you don’t utter a word or the telephone doesn’t catch any voice contribution from your environmental factors.

On Android

Its somewhat muddled for Android Users as the amplifier stunt doesn’t deal with Android gadgets any longer. There is anyway another workaround, that you can utilize. Start by opening Blank Comment on TikTok and exploring to the video that you need to post a clear remark.

Tap on the ‘Remark’ symbol to empower the content field and raise your console.

Presently open this guide Chrome (or some other program) and duplicate the clear space between these sections > [ ‏‏‎ ].

How To Post Blank TikTok Comments

Blank Comment on TikTok

Clear TikTok remarks are the consequence of what has all the earmarks of being a touch of oversight in how remarks work on the stage. At the point when a discourse to-message remark is posted, the application will post whatever it gets as text. In the event that it gets nothing, it will post nothing… yet, it will in any case post. In this way, to post a clear remark, you’ll essentially exploit that.

Open the remarks field on any Blank Comment on TikTok. Tap the mouthpiece symbol there, and make certain to initiate amplifier authorizations and phrasing, if fundamental. Trust that the account will search for discourse, at that point utilize your telephone’s “back” capacity to finish the chronicle off. You ought to be left with a clear remark field. Presently, simply tap the post symbol and it should post a remark without any characters.