How To Keep Your Twitter♕ Account Secure

In this guide you will read about How To Keep Your Twitter♕ Account Secure. Has your Twitter account at any point been hacked?

Mine has… furthermore, it sucks!

I don’t need it to transpire – so I set up 5 fundamental strides for how to keep your Twitter account secure.

Nearly everybody gets hacked at once or another. It’s an unavoidable truth on Twitter!

For instance, individuals are continually attempting to get to my record. I get huge amounts of phony messages – all requesting that I reset my password or give it out.

There’s nothing more terrible than working your butt off to fabricate an after on Twitter at that point getting bolted out of your record since it got hacked!

So here are 5 basic strides for keeping your Twitter account secure.

Alert: Keep Your Twitter Account Secure With These 5 Essential Steps

1. Make Strong Passwords

Here are some password tips from Twitter:

Make a password that is at any rate 10 characters in length

Utilize a blend of numerals, images and capitalized and lower case letters

Utilize an alternate password for every website and email

Keep your password in a secure spot


Utilize a password the board instrument to keep passwords secure

I utilize 1Password for capacity and to produce new passwords.

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2. Use Login Verification

Don’t simply depend on your password!

Twitter gives 2-advance confirmation to ensure just you get to your record

At the point when you sign in, Twitter can send a notification like this to your cell phone:

You should enter the right confirmation code to get to your Twitter account. Utilize your Security settings on Twitter to initiate the check demands.

3. Watch Out for Phishing

Con artists will attempt to get to your private data utilizing tweets, messages and direct messages on Twitter – a training known as “phishing”.

They may reveal to you your Twitter record’s been hacked and train you to change your password right away.

They may guarantee that you’ve won a challenge and all you have to do to guarantee your prize is sign in to your Twitter account.

Try not to succumb to these stunts! Absolutely never give out your Twitter password.

These are for the most part signs that somebody is attempting to hack your record.

I once got an email from somebody asserting he worked for Twitter and expected to confirm my record. He requested my password. I didn’t succumb to the ploy!

What’s more, this tweet arrived in a couple of days back. I’m certain they would have requested my password sooner or later.

4. Be Wary of 3rd-Party Apps & Websites

Do you intend to utilize your Twitter record to enlist for outsider websites or apps?

Be cautious!

Doing so gives the apps restricted access to your Twitter account.

So beware!… what’s more, on the off chance that you experience anything crude, quickly expel the application from your record.

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5. Protect Your Phone

Probably the most ideal approaches to keep all your internet based life accounts secure is just bolting your cell phone with a password.

cap way no one can get to your records if your telephone gets lost or taken.


In this post, I featured these 5 stages for how to keep your Twitter account secure:

Make Strong Passwords

Use Login Verifications

Watch Out for Phishing

Be Wary of outsider Apps and Websites

Secure Your Phone

Kindly help yourself out and follow these 5 stages!

What’s more, if your Twitter account has ever been hacked, if it’s not too much trouble leave a remark beneath and mention to us what occurred.