How To Delete ALL Your TikTok© Posts | Follow Easy Steps

From time to time it is a smart thought to restart and revive. Possibly you need to rebrand yourself and the videos you have aren’t cutting it. Possibly you split with your Delete All Your TikTok Posts and need everything down, except you would prefer not to change your record name. This tutorial will show you how to erase the entirety of your videos without evacuating your record.

TikTok is one of the most well known informal communities around right now with more than 150 million every day clients and a great many downloads. Since the time it took over from, it went from solidarity to quality, developing hugely and arriving at millions over the globe. It started as a lip sync application, and that is as yet a significant piece of it, yet it has advanced into something else.

TikTok can be an incredible imaginative outlet, yet there might be times when you have to desert it or need to start all over again and start once more. As simple as reexamination is via web-based networking media, it’s additionally simple inside TikTok. You can either erase all your TikTok posts and start again or wipe your record and start from the very beginning.

How To Delete ALL Your TikTok Posts

Delete all your TikTok posts

Despite the fact that the stage doesn’t need you to Delete All Your TikTok Posts, it makes it simple to do as such. Interestingly, all that’s needed is three taps to erase a video. The drawback is that you can’t mass erase them so on the off chance that you have handfuls, or hundreds, of videos you will be there some time!

To erase a TikTok post:

Open TikTok and select Account.

Select TikTok Gallery and look to the video you need to erase.

Select the three dab menu symbol and tap Delete. (on iOS it’s a bolt)

Rehash stages 1-3 for each video you have on TikTok.

This procedure is irreversible so once you tap erase there is no returning. You will need to do this for each video you have transferred, however once done the videos are away for acceptable!

Its absolutely impossible to erase videos from your record in mass without an outsider application. On the off chance that you are keen on mass video cancellation you can scan for a TikTok overseeing application, yet there are not as of now any accessible.

How to delete a TikTok account

In the event that you truly need to simply erase the entirety of your photos yet there are too numerous to erase independently and you’re not that joined to your record, or in case you’re after a totally fresh start, erasing your TikTok account is the best approach. You will lose all the substance you transferred and any Followers you may have, however the degree for rehash is boundless with a fresh out of the plastic new record.

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To erase a TikTok account:

  • Open TikTok and select Account.
  • Select the three dab menu symbol in the top right of the screen.
  • Chose Privacy and Settings and Manage My Account.
  • Select Phone Number and include your number.
  • Sit tight for a 4 digit code to be sent by means of SMS and enter that into your TikTok application.
  • Select ‘Contemplating evacuating your record?’ and trust that another code will show up.
  • Enter the code into the application and select Continue.
  • Select Continue to affirm account erasure.

Keep in mind, this is conclusive. When you affirm you need to Delete All Your TikTok Posts, that is it. Your record, username, transfers, followers and everything else will be erased until the end of time.

Starting TikTok afresh

When you have erased your old record, you can set up another one and begin once again. You can be who you need to be, take a stab at something fresh out of the plastic new, desert old difficulties and by and large simply have another beginning. There are numerous reasons why you should leave an old TikTok account behind however whichever way here is how to make another TikTok account without any preparation. Also you can get free tiktok followers as well.

There was a timeframe where many individuals were bolted out of their records and required resets. On the off chance that you left your reaction time too long your record was deactivated. The accompanying advances will work for you also.

  • Open the TikTok application on your gadget.
  • Enter your birthday at the brief.
  • Select ‘Join with Phone Number or Email’ and pick one.
  • Enter your subtleties at the brief and include the affirmation code you were simply sent.

Select a username and secret key.

Complete the riddle or Captcha to demonstrate you’re human.

When complete, your new Delete All Your TikTok Posts ought to be live. From here you can start discovering individuals to follow, make new companions, begin transferring and do every one of those things that makes TikTok such a cool spot to hang out and invest energy.

Erasing all your TikTok videos or your whole record isn’t for the timid. It implies all your difficult work vanishes gone forever. It’s a major move however could be exactly what you have to make a new beginning. Good karma with it!